• TEDI INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED - ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Speed Limiting Device

Speed Limiting Device: : We are the Leading Manufacture of Premium Quality Speed Governor / Vehicle Speed Limiter in India. We Supplying Government (ARAI / ICAT / VRDE) Approved Electronic Speed Governor suitable for all types of Commercial Vehicles. Our Speed Limiter is durable and tested for quality and performances. We are capable of Supplying variable types of speed governors as per the requirement of Automotive Industry Standard as well as the latest norms of ARAI. Our Speed Governors are fully integrated and saves fuel as well as life.

We Provide Electronic Speed Governor Installation Services in all types of Commercial and Private Vehicles. Our Speed Governors / Vehicle Speed Limiter is Approved by International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) Government of India. We have well trained ITI mechanics for the installation of Speed Governors in Buses, Trucks, Mini Trucks, Mini Bus, Jeep etc...

  • » The first Company to get STATE TRANSPORT AUTHORITY approval.
  • » The first Company to get STATE TRANSPORT AUTHORITY approval.
  • » The first Company to get TRANSPORT ZONAL OFFICER’S approval
  • » The first company to get 103 Base Model approval in ICAT at a time.
  • » India’s Leading Manufacture & Seller.
  • » India’s biggest fleet operator tie-up
  • » Recommended by Lorry Owner Association & Bus Association.
  • » The first Company to have the Largest Dealer Network in India
  • » Vendor for Ashok Leyland, Bharat Benz, TATA, SML, Eicher, Mahindra, Chevrolet, Force Motors, for Commercial Dealers in Tamil Nadu

Benefits of Passangers

→ Enhanced road safty. → Assured comfort and confidence. → Stress free journey.

Benefits of Drivers.

→ Stress and fatigue free driving. → Better control over vehicle. → Guaranteed safety

Service Advantage

→ Quality after sales service → Ready availability of spares. → Product comes with a one year warranty.

Benefits of Fleet Owners

→ Saving on fuel costs. → Improved the fuel efficiency. → Increased engine life due to less wear and tear. → Reduced braking and enhanced durability of tyres. → High return on investment.

Technical Specifications

→ Operating Voltage: 9v to 32V DC → Operating Current:60mA to 700mA → Operating Temperature: -40 C to 85 C → TACO Signal Input: Speed Sensor with Hall Effect. → No of Pulses: 8 Pulses per revolution → Duty Cycle of Signal: 42% to 50%

Sailent Features

→ Advanced micro controller based design. → Tamper proof and weather proof device approved by ARAI, Pune. → Hall effect sensor for better speed recognition. → Digital display of read time speed. → LED indicater for power ON & Fuel Regulation. → Display to display ODO Meter, 4Trip Counts. → If engine is in idle, Display will off within 12 seconds.